10 Ways To Increase website loading speed in codeigniter and increase google page speed score.

Follow these 10 steps to increase your Codeigniter website speed and performance.

10 Ways To Increase website loading speed in codeigniter and increase google page speed score.

Before we get into this let's discuss what Codelgniter is.
CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, which is being used in building dynamic websites with PHP. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that in some cases you might found out that your Codeigniter website is getting slow, but believe me I going to be discussing how to improve the speed and the performance of your website. Also, I want you to know that this is a CodeIgniter website and it has accurately and efficiently the speed of 93%, and you also achieve that in your website after going through this article you will see the changes.
Now let's get into the main point on how to speed up and increase the performance of any Codeigniter website. Below are some ways we would use to speed up any CodeIgniter website and hence also increase their performance as well:

1. The usage of loops should be done properly

In most cases when you are trying to use loops when developing your website, due to the fact that they are considered a very useful tool in programming. The usage of loops helps a lot to enhance the process of your website development. At times you might notice that the execution is slow in the process which is mainly caused inside the loop used. Hence it will result in some kind of error or problem like in the case of slowing down your Codeigniter website, most especially using the nested loops. Therefore you have to be aware of these loops so that your time would not be wasted in solving multiple errors and develop a highly efficient website.

2. Compressing the website content 

It is mandatory for you to compress the content of your website so that you can easily reduce the bandwidth usage which will of course also help to increase the performance and speed of your website.

3. In the website URL remove index.php

Removing index.php from the website URL will you increase the performance and speed of your website. Basically, index.php is added to the website by default whenever you use Codeigniter. So removing the index.php will you a lot in speeding up your Codeigniter website.

4. The removal of redundant libraries

During your development, in most cases, there are times in which not all the libraries that are added are being used when developing your website. So in case you noticed this, make sure to remove all redundant libraries that were not used so as to free some space which of course will definitely increase the website performance to some extent. But make sure you take note so that you should not delete some libraries that are being used by the project.

5. Making the usage of Sprites

A sprite is a bitmap graphic that can be in the form of an animated graphic or might be a static image. Hence it is highly recommended you should use the sprites to increase the speed and performance of your Codeigniter website. What happens is that the images you added on the website send the server a request. But if you decided to use the sprites in your website, you need to create a collection of images that of course will help to reduce the numerous requests that would have been sent to the server. These are the reasons why it is highly recommended to use sprites on your website.

6. Reduction of the server response time

The server response time is known as the amount of time in which the server takes to respond to the request of the browser. Therefore the server response time that is good enough increases the performance and hence the speed of your Codeigniter website. Also, the idea of hosting web services makes the use of highly efficient techniques in reducing down the response time of the server which will of course speed up and increase the performance of your Codeigniter website.

7. The use of Autoload 

You should not forget to use autoload because it helps in increasing the performance of the website. One thing you should keep in mind is that try to make use of it whenever it is required. The use of autoloading helps to load libraries and helpers. But considerations should be taken when using the autoload array because too much usage of the autoload feature will reduce the speed and performance of your Codeigniter website. So using it will not result in any negative side effects but one thing you should do is that you use it wisely while developing your website.

8. All the configurations should be put in the config directory

The best thing you should do is to make a different file where you will save all the config options in the place of setting configuration values in each and every function you use. This method will make you create a Codeigniter website that has great performance and efficiency. But there is something you have to keep in mind at first you might think it is consuming your time, though as time goes on you will realize that it will really save you a lot of time. This method will help you a lot.

9. The application directory should be moved outside the system folder

There is something you could also do by moving the application directory outside the system folder. So by doing this process you don't need to be looking for the system directory anytime you to access a model or a controller. Therefore it will be a great idea to move your application directory to your desired folder. You should not that by putting the system directory and your application directory in one folder nothing is needed to be changed, please take note of that.

10. Creating a library for frequently used functions

This will save you from repeating the same coding in other to achieve the same thing again and again. But when you create a helper or library, it will help you optimize the use of reusable functions. Now let's take for example in the authentication process when you want a user to send a user to the login page after using some auth functions to know the current state of the user, it is better for you to create something like the authenticateUser() function. Now with this function created, you can use it whenever you needed something like that.

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